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This place is a gemšŸ’œ Just today I had the pleasure of touring the grounds and I couldnā€™t picture a more serene and beautiful ground for the mission Blue Heron strives to achieve. As a person in recovery I can truly relate to the fact that going back to ā€œnormalā€ life is difficult after recovery or while in recovery. Itā€™s easy to appreciate the beauty in this place as it brings normalcy to those who may not experience it like others because of the tendency to use or the desire to. Blue Heron offers a safe environment in which to not only attend IOP classes and PHP but also a place for family education along with a place to enjoy meeting others on the same journey, the journey to recovery. It is certainly a different one for all yet we all can connect at the root. Now for the staff, Dr. Christine Mayer is without a doubt the most relatable psychological expert I have ever met. She has the ability to come down to such a normal level but she is brilliant in both her assessment and her r...
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The Best Rehab in San Antonio

Blue Heron Recovery- The Best Rehab in San Antonio

Addiction is a terrible disease, and the effects tend to be very dreadful. It can completely change someoneā€™s life for the worse, and an individual that could have gone on to do great things in life and achieve unprecedented success doesnā€™t get the chance. Not to mention the effects of addiction on the family whereby they go through emotional pain and heartache seeing what one of their own has to go through daily.Ā 

So, what do you do about a family member dealing with addiction? The best option is rehabilitation, andĀ San Antonio drug rehabĀ spots donā€™t get any better than Blue Heron Recovery. With a stellar reputation backed by a team of experienced professionals that have been helping addicts get their life back for over ten years, we have got what it takes to help you or a friend you are concerned about getting the best addiction rehabilitation and give them a chance at achieving their life goals and dreams.

What You Should Know About Blue Heron Recovery

We take great pride in being one of the bestĀ San Antonio drug rehabĀ centers, and every day we push ourselves to do even better. Patient well-being and a smooth recovery will forever be our number one priority, so we always make sure that they are comfortable because one will only be able to break the addiction cycle and form new habits and behaviors in an environment where they are comfortable and feel loved.

Programs Offered

Our programs give you the flexibility to go about your usual day to day activities such as work, school, and family obligations while also maintaining a connection with ourĀ San Antonio drug rehabĀ services. In addition to that, we offer our patients a special evening of dinner and discussion every week, with friends and families as you come together in healing. Friends and family are very important to recovering addicts because they work as a support system to guide them and keep them going until they are able to break the addiction and develop new coping habits.

We have three different programs available, and they are all suited for different people depending on their addiction levels as well as what is comfortable for them. Not everyone would be okay with being stuck in aĀ San Antonio drug rehabĀ center for seven to eight weeks, and that is why we have both outpatient and inpatient programs. Below are some of the programs we offer in detail.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Also called a day program, the PHP program runs from Monday through to Friday between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm. The PHP program is ideal for individuals who have already completed detox and a residential program but also works for those who have completed detox but canā€™t attend a residential program, maybe due to school, work, and family commitments. With this program, patients at ourĀ San Antonio drug rehabĀ center get weekly individual sessions, group sessions, lectures, and activities. Other than that, we offer enrichment opportunities such as community events, family meetings, recovery meetings, and the use of the clubhouse. That isnā€™t all; while in PHP care, you are guaranteed an invite to our two-hour Thursday evening family event each week. PHP care goes for around a monthā€™s duration, with 32 hours of care each week.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Compared to PHP, IOP is more flexible and, as the name suggests, more intense. The program offers two options; you either visit ourĀ San Antonio drug rehabĀ center on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings or on the same days but in the evening (6 pm-9 pm). Other than that, everything is more or less the same with weekly individual sessions, group sessions, lectures, and other activities as well enrichment opportunities such as community events, family meetings, recovery meetings, and use of the clubhouse. You will also get invited to the weekly Thursday dinners. Another distinction between IOP and PHP is that IOP offers 11 hours of care weekly, which is almost a third of that of PHP, and it runs for a three-month duration.

Outpatient Therapy

Running for a six-month duration, this is almost the last stage of recovery at ourĀ San Antonio drug rehabĀ center. This program mainly involves therapy for recovering patients. The main objective is to give the patient an outlet to talk about the trials they face after theyā€™re done with the hardest part of recovery, which is breaking the addiction cycle and adapting to new habits. The program entails a weekly individual session and the enrichment opportunities enjoyed by patients in other programs.

What You Should Expect

When you check-in yourself or a loved one at ourĀ San Antonio drug rehabĀ center, you should come expecting the following.Ā 
  • Genuineness:Ā You will have therapists that are genuine and open. This should facilitate proper communication and contribute to healthy relationships that should help with your recovery.
  • Commitment to Your Individuality:Ā Your personal experience is a critical factor and could ultimately be what decides if you will benefit from the program or not. We try to ensure that you are committed to that.
  • Unconditional Positive Regard:Ā Our therapists are client-centered and will accept you without judgment because weā€™ve all made mistakes. They will provide all the necessary support and encouragement for your recovery.

Why Choose Us

If you are looking for aĀ San Antonio drug rehabĀ center, Blue Heron Recovery is here for you. With our effective programs that have been tried and tested, you are sure to come out a winner. Hereā€™s why you should come to us.Ā 

  • Professional Staff:Ā from the therapists to the caregivers and everyone involved at Blue Heron Recovery, everyone is a professional at the top of their careers. With that, you should expect nothing but the best care and a comfortable recovery environment.
  • Stellar Reputation:Ā Weā€™ve worked hard over the years to earn make a good name for ourselves, so you can be sure that we will do our best to maintain that reputation.

Call Us Today

If you have a friend or family that is battling addiction and you want to help them, you can check out our rehab center, and we will help them get rid of their addiction problem and develop new habits. In case of any inquiries, feel free to give us a call on (210) 588-0508.

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